Saturday, August 30, 2008

HOSTING HOSTIES - Find Out About The Secret!

Oh Boy - It's way past my bedtime - so this is going to be short.
It took me a bit to figure out the best way to get the pictures loaded and be able to put text inbetween them - easy I know - it just doesn't work so well if you left or right align the pictures.

There's a secret at the end!

Anyway, I picked items from the back of the HOST shop for todays blog. Check them out!

First up we have Fiesta Time, donated by OOHH such pretty colors - I think this one was hiding out just so someone could buy it closer to fall. Aren't those perfect fall colors?
This is available in the HOST shop at Bracelet even comes gift boxed!

And this is Divas Shop magnet donated by (no, it doesn't have flamingolady across the magnet) isn't that the cutest magnet? Now I'm sure most of you know at least one person that this magnet would be just perfect for. You'd be helping someone out, and getting a cool magnet for yourself or as a gift for a friend!
It's available at the shop - now - don't wait too long - it may be gone before you get there!

And last but certainly not least, we have the "Really Red Barrette" donated by I was thinking really red lipstick! It would actually look pretty good with that bracelet up there! And then add the magnet and you have 3 great handmade gifts for yourself or someone else. It's too bad I didn't see that before, and put the pictures together - but I think you can see they would work together!

YES, it is available at the shop.

WOW - you could have all 3 for less than $25.00 - (including shipping) - how cool is that! you could have a neat little set of unique handmade goodies for yourself or your best friend, your sister, aunt, mother..................?
Be sure to visit the HOST shop, some wonderful items there - all donated by etsians helping other etsians out. Emotional support, help with shops, shop makeovers, they get clothes together for people that need some, get grocery cards so people can get some food, school supplies, help track down resources for people, other financial help - these ladies do some awesome things! OOps - I'm not sure - there may be some male HOST members and donators too!
Christmas isn't that far away!
Have a wonderful day everyone - I'm going to sleep now!
I think I must be part owl!
I'll make you a deal - if you go buy all 3 of these items - I'll make a birthday or Christmas card to go along with them - just leave me a comment that you bought them - now I'll be checking with the shop - so - no cheating - The card of course will be free! Just let me know if you want a birthday or Christmas card - or for some other occasion! I do cards! In fact I was just making some new ones last night. You can check out my shop for a few of the ones I've made
Have fun shopping!

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