Thursday, September 17, 2009


Top 4 pictures added after the original post - the hummer is more of a blur in the 1st 3, and sort of visible in the 4th!
Flying around in my patio
I do wish they would let me know they are going to fly so close so I can get a better focus on them! lo he's more to the left in the above pic

a little more visible and what's left of my morning glories on my patio - and the wonderful tree in the background

Ah sweet nectar! They've been visiting the feeder a lot today - it's 56 degrees - they probably need extra to stay warm!
and the original post...................................................

This past week has been somewhat rainy here - now this may not be so unusual for some people but here in the desert SW - well, it's sort of a big deal - especially when we have rain storms like we've had this past week.
The other night we had one that was really heavy, and I was standing outside enjoying the rain while sitting on my patio. The tree next door hangs over my yard, and the hummingbirds hang out in this wonderful tree, of course I have a couple of feeders hanging off my patio. But, I got to wondering about these little guys when it rains so hard, and was hoping that they were able to hide under some branches enough that they wouldn't get blasted by the rain and washed away - yeah it was that heavy - but then they are pretty light weight.
So, this morning while I out on my patio, one of them came up to the feeder, and then shortly another one - so my pair of hummers are still around - came in and got my camera and managed to get a few good shots of one of them - they really are kind of tricky to get photos of, I usually have to just stand around with my camera up to my face and just stay still and quiet till they decide to come drink - fortunately today they were coming around about every 5 - 10 minutes - in just a light sprinkle and somewhat cooler day today - I'm sure they need that sugar water to give them some energy to stay warm. I imagine they won't be around much longer, but I was so relieved to see them!
Be sure to click on the pictures for a large view!

Have a super day!

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