Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Choo Choo Choo Crazy Train on ArtFire

This is kind of fun going back and looking at the shops that have already been on the crazy train, and it also jogs my memory of what I tweeted, and some of those items have been sold - not that it was necessarily my tweets that led to it being sold - it's just cool seeing that people are getting some sales. Maybe the economy is picking back up!

Today is actually my ride on the crazy train - I stopped by the forums to see what some people had picked and put on the forum - was a nice assortment - and I'm thrilled about my views - at 1am when I shut the computer down my studio views were: 4371 at 1pm they were 4637. Total item views at 1am were 14950 and at 1pm they were 15330. It will be fun to check them later on today and tomorrow.

Andreas Designs does some pretty wonderful things with her needles and yarn. I love this pretty pink shawl - just a little something to add a little mystery and flirtiness to that sweet black dress! Don't like pink? She has this same design in other colors too!

And for those upcoming cool days - in a soft and warm gray Peruvian alpaca and acrylic eyelash yarns, she calls this Gray The Wow Scarf - I think it's pretty WOW too! I love gray - not those gray hairs but wearing gray mmmmmm I have sweater this would look just wonderful with -
Heather Designs (it seems to be a designing kind of day!) does some pretty awesome designs - like this Medieval Bead and Swarvoski crystal necklace (she'll do this in your choice of colors too!!) that's another WOW - all those crystals on that necklace - you'll sparkle for sure!

This is sort of making me envious - but what a wonderful idea - a glass sea shell! That she made with her own two hands!!!!! I just think that is soooooo cool! I can think of lots of uses for that pretty bead - but I'll let you use your own imagination - you may think of something that I haven't! Check out Andrea's Designs for some pretty neat beads and jewelry.

And something that I have a very hard time making my hands do - wirewrapping- this artisan does with style! Jewelry by Joy - now I'm pretty sure the artists name is Joy - but if it isn't these pieces of jewelry will make you joyfull! I think jewelry is one of those items that we all should have for a variety of occasions - from casual and fun to something elegant and dressy - and you'd be surprised at some of the times I actually wear some of my dressier pieces - not that I have any super high dollar pieces of jewelry! These are done with style, wonderful color combinations, and well they are just Joyfull! Enjoy!

This sodalite and sterling silver is beautiful isn't it! What more can I say about it!

You certainly won't find anything like these wonderful creations in your big box store - I'm not saying never shop in those big box stores - after all they have their place too - but do support our handmade artisans when you can.


Christine Burgess said...

I love the blue and silver together. Gorgeous pendant.

lisianblue said...

Hi Chris - it is gorgeous isn't it!
Thanks for stopping by!