Friday, September 18, 2009


Hooray for Friday! Hooray for some wonderful handmade creations. I was thinking of waiting until Sat to do this one - but I have been thinking of following more of a schedule for my blogs and other on line things. I'm going to try doing the ArtFire Crazy Train write ups on M,W, F and then T, and Thurs for other items of interest - or maybe not write anything! I realize that I may need to adjust this a bit once in a while since there is a rider on Sat & Sundays too - so we'll see how it goes.

It's blue and it's beautiful! And it's made by MDavis Designs this lovely sterling silver wrapped sodalite and Swarovski crystal pendant/necklace. I'm thinking that this would make a lovely gift for a special lady in your life or for yourself! I'm sort of thinking I wouldn't mind having it myself! That's the kind of necklace that can look great with jeans and a blouse or with a nice dress out on the town! I wonder if she does trades....................................

Wow, this is an awesome wind chime - jewelry for the wind! Made with copper, beads and capiz shells - and if you aren't into red - she has wind chimes in other colors! In Fact, MDavis has lots of other really wonderful creations, and I think very reasonable prices, along with free shipping through Sept.
I debated on this for a bit - I wasn't really sure if I should go ahead and include myself in this or not - well, I guess you can tell what I decided to do! I was next on the list after MDavis - so here I am, lisianblue - and yes it really is one word! Out of everything I do, my ornaments are probably my favorite. I got started doing these because I give my kids an ornament every year for Christmas. I started this the year they were each born. Up until a few years ago, I could usually find an ornament for each one that I thought they would really like. I decided that it really would have so much more meaning for them, and now my grandson to have ornaments that I made or painted. They have evolved over time from some very simple designs to more complex designs. These are two that I'm especially happy with.
My Butterfly and Hibiscus Ornament and

my Violets ornament. Each one is different - there are no two alike - a few that are similar, but I won't even do more than 3 or 4 that are similar. And not just for Christmas!

There are some people that can pick up a chunk of clay and turn it into something wonderful (I'm not one of those people) but, Michelle of Creative Critters makes some absolutely adorable little critters and creatures out of clay. Like this fantastic Mercury the Cat, who has the brightest blue eyes! This cat is just amazing, you almost expect to see it move to lick it's paw.

and this little guy is just too cute -and he's life size at 4"! I think he and Mercury would look so cute together - they are both about the same height! Wow - that would make a cat think twice wouldn't it - a mouse the same size as it! Fantastic job Michelle!

Besides of course wanting to promote myself, I strongly believe in supporting artisans who create whatever it is they create! I grew up making presents for my grandmothers, a couple of aunts and a few other people. It wasn't that we were poor - we weren't, my mother just thought that it would mean more to the people we were giving the presents to. We made little things like decorated soaps - cutting out pictures we thought the person would like then "gluing" the picture to a store bought bar of soap with wax. And we made candles. I still make candles. And if you can't make it then I think it's a great idea to buy handmade items to give as presents. Kind of cool getting something that isn't mass produced and may be a one of a kind item and to know that no one else will own one just like it! Kind of like people - we are all one of a kind!
thanks for checking out my ArtFire Crazy Train blog, an have a wonderful weekend!

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