Saturday, September 19, 2009


I think it's time to start addng in the current ArtFire Crazy Train Riders.
I also wanted to mention that ArtFire just recently came out with these sweet Handmade Christmas badges for us to put on our blogs, or other places - you can see an example of one on the lower right side of my blog. Yeah ArtFire - they are always coming up with new things to help us out!
And speaking of Handmade Christmas, Hook Yarn & Inker has some wonderful handmade items that would make some wonderful Christmas gifts or for any holiday, birthday, or for yourself!
Pretty and colorful is this Gumdrop Hippie Hat (love the name too) - Looks like you couldget a bunch of hair into this - and be warm too!
I absolutely love the design of this - Sunburst Cotton Flapper - it's sort of hard to see in this photo, but it has this sweet flower on the side - cute cute cute!
Besides the wonderful caps, eye masks, slippers, belts, there are some great eco friendly products in this studio. I've been using towels for cleaning for years - haven't bought paper towels in years - but this is a fantastic idea for a floor duster - no more throw away duster covers! and there are some fabulous bags, and other eco friendly items too!

I highly recomend you check out this studio on ArtFire for some great handmade items for yourself, Christmas, Hannukah, birthdays - or just because!
Pictures link to the item in the studio.

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