Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Life is like a bowl full of cherries!  Bright and beautiful, juicy and sweet and well a few pits along the way.  I'm loving this new blog editor.

And here are a few things I'm loving by a few of the Crazy Train riders.
Jewelry is big business on ArtFire - lots of competition there.  Today 2 out of the 3 riders make jewelry. The totally awesome thing about this though is that everyone makes something different!  It's not like walking into one store at the mall or the big box stores and then another finding pretty much the same thing in each store.  Jewelry Works by Kim has some very pretty jewelry such as this pair of carved wood Tiki and Turquoise earrings  those are really cool.  Can't say I've seen anything else quite like those anywhere else, and they have sterling silver leverback earwires.

And another wonderful pair of earrings, perfact for fall (as are the tiki ones) are Kim's Autummn Equinox earrings.  Something about browns and golds,  silver and similar colors for fall.  The little feathery leaves are pewter.  Not only does she have some pretty cool jewelry, she also has some really great prices.
And so as not to confuse the jewelry  shops, we have Cherilynn Fine Art with her original and reproduction works of art.  Although, personally I love working with oils, I truly admire watercolor artists.   There isn't much room for mistakes with watercolors.  Oils, if you don't like it, just paint over it, can't really do that with watercolors. I worked with a man once who just loved flamingos - everytime I see one, I think of him - and this wonderful original ACEO of one is delightful. Not into flamingos?  How about this very colorful Gorilla - check out those eyes.  Those are something else!
He looks like he is looking right into someone's soul.

And strolling into another jewerly shop, Trinkets and Treasures , with a great variety and different than Kim's (see that is one of the awesome things about buying handmade!!) This Green Sea Glass pendant is so cool, love the colors and the way she put this together. There's a couple of little sea shells along with the white and green pieces of sea glass - such a unique piece of jewelry.
This one, I don't know, I think I'd have a hard time selling if I made it. (I'd want to keep it) Alaskan Ivory pendant - with two pieces of ivory from two different trips to Alaska!  How cool is that!
See, two different shops, very different pieces of jewelry.  And I'm willing to bet you won't find many pendants like the ivory one or that sea glass one either!
If you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry for yourself or a loved one - check out these shops, and if jewerly isn't your thing, you can alway  get an orginal piece of art.   No pits.

Support artists, buy handmade! and have a lovely day.

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