Monday, September 7, 2009


Happy Labor Day!

The hardest part of doing these - thinking of a title for each blog! And, resisting temptation, although that's sort of easy in a way - I just don't have any extra money to spend right now! I wish I did, I keep finding some of the coolest things by these wonderful artisans on ArtFire. Halloween items seem to popping up more frequently and some of those are really hard to resist - as Halloween is my favorite holiday - well it's right up there with Christmas anyway.

And Bunnies. (although not a holiday)
You have to admit this is the cutest key chain - "Lucky Bunny Booty Pink Keychain" by Colt Pixie, even if it isn't lucky, it sure is cute. There aren't a lot of items in this studio right now, but what is there is very charming and looks well made - now you may think that clay is easy right - wrong - at least not in my hands so anyone who can create something with polymer clay and it looks nice - well they have my admiration! Not into pink bunny booties? Halloween is right around the corner

and this cool jack-o'lantern glows in the dark! How cool is that! and there's a little extra surprise about this guy - but you'll have to go check out the item in Colt Pixies studio to find out! (click the picture)
These studios almost make me wish I were a kid again - we didn't have cool things for Halloween like we do now - like these adorable hair clips by Simply Smiss Accessories - oh wait a minute!!!!! What am I thinking? Just because I'm an adult I can't wear something this cute?????? Oh yes I can!!!

And check this guy out - Skelly Hair Clip! Love it! What an aweseom idea putting those little skeletons on hair clips! And if you think these items rock - go check out the rest of the items in this studio! There are ghosts, cats, spider webs, and also non-Halloween items too! Too Cute!

There are times in life where we need to unwind, relax, and I'm big one on relaxing baths - and products designed around this theme - taking care of our bodies - check this out - "Fountain of Youth" by Ambient Lights that is a hair and body spray - with some wonderful moisturizing ingredients - even if you are young if you live in a dry climate, it's never too early to start using products that help moisturize your skin.

Love coffee? Love chocolate? Love the two together??? I do - wow - this soap almost sounds good enough to eat - or maybe drink - it's Cocoa and Coffee Goats Milk Soap! wow - now that is a combination that you gotta love! and there are some other great items, melts, candles, and other body products in this great shop. Lip balms too!

Shopping for some great handmade items just can't get any easier than sitting at home in your pjs in front of the computer - and you don't even have to sign up at ArtFire to buy anything - in fact you don't even have to sign up with PayPal to buy anything even through PayPal! It's easy - just be sure to return to the product page after you finish up with the paypal stuff to complete the transaction.

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