Friday, September 4, 2009


I have to say this crazy train thing works! Although I didn't get any sales in the past 2 days - I did get a whole lot of views, and I look at that as potential sales, and you never know who will see one of the items in votehandmade or on someone's blog.

And now featuring on my blog are:
The Supply Closet with a wonderful assortment of beads, decals, and a few jewelry findings. I love this little ceramic hand vessel - visiting shops like this is sort of "dangerous" for me - too many tempting items

like these little snowmen beads! Really - cute! Not sure what I would do with them - but they are tempting. You may want to go by there and check out some of the cool beads in this studio - and there's a sale going on there too!!!!! OOPS, as I went back to get the link for the snowmen - I saw the cutest little bunny beads......................................................OH they are toooo tempting!
A Kimberly Design does some beautiful art work - pen and ink with blended colored pencil, some originals and lots of great prints and great prices. Very lovely work - really really like this cherry blossom print - lot's of wonderful sentimental memories of a certain cherry tree - so I am a big fan of nicely done cherry blossoms.

No sentimental thoughts about primroses - this one is just fun and whimsical! She has a couple of dragons too - so many tempting items and creations today!

Artistic Jen is another one of those people who seem to be able to create some pretty cool items with polymer clay (unlike me) - lots of pretty beads made by hand with polymer clay - in all sorts of color combinations.

Artistic Jen is also a versatile artist - she crochets too! Some very pretty shawls, ponchos and afghans -
Those cool days and nights are coming soon! check out some of these fabulous items by this very talented lady. I probably didn't get the best picture of this shawl - it has flowers on the back! Pretty cool!

All the pictures are linked to the item in the studio.
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

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