Friday, September 18, 2009


I'm not sure what it is about fall, but I love fall - although to be honest, I'd probably be very happy to live in 70 - 95 degrees all year through!
But, I do love fall! And I love the beautiful vibrant fiery colors of fall, along with candles, fires (in fireplaces) warm fuzzy sweaters, and playing in the leaves. Maybe part of my love of fall has to do with Halloween........................

I'm not sure just how this idea came about - and I sincerely apologize to anyone who may have helped in planting it in my somewhat scattered brain!

Just about the time Natasha of TST was announcing the Fiery Colors of Fall theme, I was out buying these cool candle holders! So, I was thrilled to see the theme when I returned home!

I plan on keeping at least one or two for myself, and I have one outside hanging from a short shepard's hook in a pot - and as I often spend time out on my patio, I have been enjoying it quite a bit. I also put a plant hanger on the patio partition wall that I will hang it from now and then.

Which is what these are hangin from - which is why you get to see the ugly partition wall!

I have been taking pictures early in the morning, late at night and during the day, so that I can get them at different times, as they look different in the light than at night - but want people to be able to see what they look like when they are not lit.

They actually balance quite well, and I have worked with each one to make sure they do, As you can see some have only 1 chain attached in two different places, while another type of holder has 2 chains attached in 4 different places - it's all about balance!

This one is a clear glass, I have them in green, orange, and a goldish color. They have to have 2 chains to balance them.

They are wonderful outside but I think they would also work inside - just don't hang them under a wood shelf! Yes, I did do that for a very short picture taking session, but I think they would do quite well hung from a plant hanger that hangs out from the wall - or even from a short shepard's hook stuck in an inside plant pot - just don't burn the plant!

I wrapped and soldered some little glass discs to hang from the clear glass holders - they do a nice job of glistening in the light. The twists of beads on top of the chains on the other holders do get a little warm, but they seem to do ok! I highly recomend that they only be used with tea lights, anything else may throw them off balance. Some caution of course is advised!
So, what do you think a bright creation but what about a bright idea?
Not for use by children.

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