Monday, June 29, 2009

Butterfly Celebration

I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking. A total of about 6 hours, (probably more) painting this Butterfly Celebration on a 3.5" frosted glass ornament. Not just for Christmas. You can click on the pictures for a larger view. Title links to my shop.

I have another one in the works - a smaller one on a silver lined ornament with my own paint mixture - still glass paint - just my own special mix!
Thanks for looking!


Marie Antionette said...

Stunning Kris,just stunning!!!Can't wait to see the next one.You do really beautiful work.Who don't like butterflies?I can't draw a stick...LOL. Thanks for checking up on me.I am doing fine till the next time.I'm up one,down the next ,but you can be sure I'm going to keep on trucking...LOL.I get overwhelmed with the blogging also.You can't visit everyone all the time.But I try by just not making so many post.I will talk at you later dear heart...XXOO Marie Antionette

lisianblue said...

Thank You Toni - It was fun to do! Sticks are hard to draw! And that's why straight edges were made! lo
Thanks so much for visiting dear Marie Antionette!

Kathy said...

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