Thursday, June 25, 2009

LicaLee On ArtFire

I guess I forgot to resize the photos - so you get big photos on this one!
So, really I'm going to promote someone that does something that does similar work to what I do? Oh come on now!!

Yeah, I am!

LicaLee out of Milwaukee, Wi does some pretty cool stuff. And has very reasonable prices. LicaLee does quite a bit with ceramic pieces from broken plates, and they make some really neat pendants I think. And leaves - some really neat leaves - in different colors and sizes - you can even custom order one!

I really like this fiery orange and red piece - I admit, red is not a color I work with very much - and don't wear much of - but I still like this.
I really like this ceramic piece - of course - it's a flower!

and the leaves - wonder if they would make people think of being more green - in recycling and the like! She has sold some of the leaves I've seen in her shop, they were pretty cool too! And it looks like she does a nice neat soldering job!
So, if you are looking for something a little bit different, but not too crazy, this is a great shop with some pretty cool items, go check it out!
Title links to LicaLee's studio on ArtFire.

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