Thursday, June 18, 2009

Haffina Creations on ArtFire

Haffina is a busy mum of 5 in South Australia - and is a very versatile artist. Not only does she make clay beads, she does chainmaille, macrame, among other creative endeavors. Having played around with clay a bit myself, I highly respect the fine art of being able to create a bead or anything out of this wonderful medium. My cames usually sort of mushed together making a rather disturbed looking bead, or what ever I was trying to do. I think these clay beads are cool - love the colors - turquoise and purple - one of my fav color combinations.
Now I admit that some of the color choices are not my cup of tea - but - they may be yours. However, that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the workmanship, and creativeness that went into some of Haffina's pieces. I think the hippie in me is drawn to this sort of bohemian style bracelet. Some people look wonderful in yellows - I don't! I love the color - but it doesn't look good on me! I know a few people that yellow does look great on though!
Chainmaille - Chainmaille is amazing! Anyone that can put all those rings together has to be a very agile and patient person. I've tried this - I didn't throw the pliers, did say a few choice words and after 2 hrs had about 1/2 inch of a rather loose mangled mess!
If hot pink isn't your choice of colors - send her a message - she will do custom orders - and I'm sure would be more than happy to create a wonderful chainmaille creation in whatever colors you like.
Of course the title links to this very talented artisans shop on ArtFire.

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