Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not Quite a Zen Walk

Unfortunately I don't live near a big beautiful park like Jenjen does - but the apt complex where I live has quite a few trees, and I plant a few flowers in pots, so I manage to get a little bit of a nature fix! We also have a fair number of birds - sparrows, mourning doves, hummingbirds, used to get more - but now the other ones hang out across the street since we don't have our ponds on the this side anymore.

So, I went out to water my plants and noticed that I had another gardenia bloom. YAY! I get so excited when I get gardenia blooms - not only are they such pretty flowers, I love the way they smell.

I also have some pretty purple pansies - that I had to put in the shade yesterday as the sun is getting too intense for them to be in the full sun.

As, I was checking one group of pansies to see if they needed any water, I glanced at the pot and then back again to see this little guy poking his nose up over the edge of the pot!

I was kind of surprised as I haven't seen any frogs here since they filled in the ponds. So, I looked again, and sure enough, there he was! What a cute little green frog.

Then I hear a very faint rustle and was wondering what it could be................................................

and there beside him peeking out inbetween the leaves, was another little green frog. At first he was looking straight ahead - almost directly at me, and then I saw the funniest thing,

the 2nd frog turned to the 1st one - and it looked like he was whispering something in his ear. Do frogs have ears???

I thought, this is too funny, maybe Dragon Lady Jane is right, maybe we are enchanted! and then I saw both frogs poke their little heads up a little higher and just as they did, I realized they were trying to get a better look at

this guy! Now, this particular hummingbird, is quite shy - if he sees me move, hears me, he's gone - and if I click the camera when he's at the feeder or even nearby


He's gone!

I was very surprised he didn't take off the 1st time I snapped a pic of him - but he was still there!

He did sort of play hide and seek with me - these pics are every 2nd - 3rd picture!

I realize they aren't "picture perfect" - but I'm pretty happy to have even these few with him in them - and so I thought I would share a little of my enchanting afternoon with you!

I love these little guys -

I missed the baby mourning doves - they were in the nest last week, but now they are gone! Not sure if mom moved them or what - haven't seen them at all, and they didn't look big enough to fly yet. But, how cool is that - for at least 2 years in a row, there has been a mourning dove nest in the tree next door to me - that hangs over quite a bit into my little yard.
Hope you enjoyed my Not Quite Zen Walk - that was really pretty zen!


Aunt Jane said...

Dear Dragon Lady,
O WOW! How very very lovely. All on your porch!!!! A whole world! The pictures are fantastic and I love the story. LOVE IT!!!!
Love, Auntie Jane Dragon Enchanted

lisianblue said...

Took some of that enchantment with you, did you Lady Jane?

I'm sooooo tired - and cranky - needed to do something fun! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

sometimes I just hate living in an apt complex - especially a large one! It's Tues right, I'm still feeling the effects of Sat night - and I wasn't even partying!
oh I need some little fairies! I could really have fun. !!!
The Dragon is ROARING!!!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

I just HAD to come see what you were talking about in your comment over at Sweet Treat.... I love all these pictures! Those frogs don't even look real to me--they're so perfect.

I think it's so neat to realize that all of this was happening, whether or not you were looking... but you were observant enough to notice it, and lucky enough to have your camera. Makes you wonder what else we DON'T see! :)

Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...

Your walk looks pretty zen to me!
The beauty that you captured - wow!

Checking out your photos and your stories made my day! It definitely is a total zen-walk!

Can't wait to see more :)