Friday, June 12, 2009

Wyred on Wire on ArtFire

And just how many wonderfully cool things can one find on ArtFire? And I love this name Wyred on Wire. From St. Stephen, NB this is Wyred's artist statement:
"My jewelry is a mirror. Not only does it show the reflection of myself,but also of you and your personality. I am compelled by a love triangle. My need for a creative venue, the need for beautiful objects to be manipulated and your need to be beautifully adorned.I most frequently work with Sterling silver, Gold filled, Copper, Brass, Leather,Gemstone, Swarovski Crystal, Pearls. However any medium that inspires my imagination to transpire can be found in my designs. I have been creating jewelry in some form or another since I was a small child. In the past 8 years is when I became serious about it and started to sell my jewelry."

Chances are I'm going to go for the blue items - some people think blue somehow links to depressive thoughts - I sort of think its just the opposite - I think blue is soothing, and airey, and just pretty. And aren't these really cool earrings - even the earwire is handmade! I really like the way the wire holding the stones is wrapped around the earwire with the little jewel dangling below it.
Or how about these little flowers - love the way the little green crystal pokes out sort of like a leaf really would! That's kind of cool! Wyred on Wire - exactly what these are! With lots of pretty jewels attached.

Of course there are some other very pretty jewelry items in this sweet studio, go take a look - some very creative handmade pieces.
I'd much rather have something unique and handmade than something that a zillion other people are wearing, wouldn't you?
Title links to the this fabulous studio on ArtFire

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