Thursday, June 30, 2011

ArtFire Crazy Train Rider Moonlight Eternal

There are more than a few jewelry artisans out there, but not all of them craft jewelry for the men, but Moonlight Eternal does.  And some of them are unisex.

I could see this smart looking Shell & Wood Disc Necklace on a man or a woman

This Men's Organic Wood, Bone, Shell & Gemstone Stretch Bracelet would look great on a man, but I'm kind of thinking it would look pretty great on women too, at the beach,  a pool party, even at the office, for either men or woman.

Yeah, ya know, we have our boyfriends, jeans, shirts, how about their jewelry too! hehe Gotta love this coconut Shell & Wood Mens Necklace.

 So follow the moonlight over to Moonlight Eternal's shop for some unique & different creations such as tiaras, crowns, circlets, chokers, anklets, toe rings, etc, and there's even a couple of darling pumpkin candle holders.
One of the awesome things about shopping online, you not only get unique handcrafted items, you can do it in the moonlight if you want!
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.


Miss Val's Creations said...

Great unisex designs! The only male jewelry I have made was for my nephew. With 2 sisters he likes to wear jewelry too, but I make sure it is manly enough! ~Val

lisianblue said...

Hi Val, I'm not sure that many people make jewelry for the guys, but to be honest, I don't check it that carefully! Glad you stopped by!

Sally said...

really cute stuff. Most home made jewlerly is hideous, and I usually don't like things with beads, but like these!

lisianblue said...

Hi Sally, There is some hideous handmade jewelry out there, but there are also some great handmade items too. Thanks for visiting and come by again some time.