Monday, June 13, 2011

ArtFire Crazy Train Rider 1BeadAtATime

Before I get started on today's Crazy Train rider, I'd like to draw your attention to a new page I added, just above to the right of Home, you'll see ARTISTS.  There are number of artists that have influenced me, not just my art, & I thought it might be fun to add this to my blog. There may be other pages added in time.

A few changes:  Comments will now require captchas and they won't be published until I publish them.  I honestly dislike doing this, but after getting a few unwanted comments, I decided to do this.   If by some chance you aren't asked to do the captcha thing, please let me know! Thanks. 

And, on to today's ArtFire Crazy Train Rider:  1BeadAtATime.  It's a very good thing that I am not a huge jewelry junky - or I'd be even more broke than I am! 

I'm a blue jeans kind of person, I even have 3 different jean dresses.  so, naturally I'm drawn to this awesome Denim Blue Beadwoven Bracelet

That is one very cool bracelet!

This Blue Spiral Ceramic Pendant on Beadwoven Necklace is also super cool.  Think it would even work with that awesome bracelet - no, I don't think jewelry always has to match exactly.

I'm sticking with the blue for this post even if they may not work with the necklace or bracelet, I really like these earrings: Blue & White Glass Bead Earrings - simply pretty!

Oh yes, 1BeadAtATime does have some very cool  jewelry in other colors too, including some beautiful wedding whites.

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day.

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