Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Little Frustration & Mistakes

A little frustration & some mistakes led to a much more creative piece.  As some of you know, I try to participate in the Thursday Sweet Treat at Creative Nachos hosted by the wonderfully sweet and supportive Natasha.  Each week, we are given a theme, this weeks was "beyond the reef."  Submissions are due Wed.

Ideas were just not happening! 
Monday - when I was out and about I saw a simple but nice wind chime with stair stepped dangles.  Ah ha!
With the idea of wavy cut glass in somewhat of a stair step design, would hopefully convey the ocean waves.   Due to some things that had to be done, I wasn't able to get going on it until late Tuesday afternoon.  I gathered up my blue glass pieces & set about creating wavy pieces of glass.  How to hang them? - I really wanted something circular - but the only rings I have on hand are smaller than I would like to use for maybe linear - with what? ah, a wavy white piece of glass  on top.  I left the room to get something and when I came back in I spotted a whale done for a previous theme, that I had been stripping the paint off of, off & on.  The glass paints I use are pretty durable so it really takes some work to get it off.  Cool - I could hang the white piece from the whale!!  Finished getting the paint off & started repainting. 1 coat done.
Wed - evening - strung all the glass together, the whale needs at least 1 or 2 more coats of paint. Realized that hanging the glass off the whale would probably pull the foil off the whale - but they still need to be together somehow.    I had accidentally drilled too many holes in the white piece & didn't want to start over, so I thought stringing some beads off the extras would be cool - I have a few nautical type beads & started looking for my shrinky dink sheets to make some little fish.  I set the glass on the floor, sort of tucked under the couch - and set about looking for the shrinky dink stuff & beads.   Didn't find the shrinky dink stuff.

Found the beads.  Sat back down and picked up the glass pieces - literally, the glass pieces - guess I had stepped on the white piece & it broke.  Ok, I don't have time to cut another piece & drill all the holes in it.  Super Glue to the rescue!  Then glued the aqua pieces on top of the break to add a little stability - and it looks pretty cool!      Added the little clam shaped beads under the aqua glass - where I had drilled an extra hole right top of another one! 
I'm pleased with the outcome - but will redo the white piece - Super Glue is pretty good stuff - but I don't think this would be a good way to send it out to someone.   And who knows, maybe I'll find the shrinky dink sheets!

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