Friday, May 6, 2011

ArtFire Crazy Train Rider VIA DELLA ROSA

I admit, I'm not getting back into the groove of doing this so well!   and I wanted to put my jacket redo on here so waited until today to do the crazytrain thing.

Via Della Rosa makes glass & wood tile jewelry along with some pretty rosaries.

I sort of fell love with this sweet little bird titled Spring 1

These are cute little scrabble tile magnets titled Three Gossip Girls and they do come in their own little tin.  Sweet.

And a wood tile pendant Antique No1

One of the cool things about finding things on ArtFire - you have everything from simple, elegant, fancy, all carefully handcrafted by a person who takes time to make it right, and adds some little touches such as a sweet little tin or little box.  Simple things often make life so much nicer.

Check out Via Della Rosa, you'll see.

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