Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cosmic - Old Friend

A few months ago I came across an Altered Couture magazine,  wow - I'm so inspired to try some of these alterations.  One of my favs is the altered jean jacket.  I love jean jackets, I think I have 4 of them now - well, technically, one of them is a blazer! Oops, I have 5.
Anyway - I have one that I wear more than the others, and it shows - it's getting pretty worn.

After visiting CreativeNachos I thought this would be perfect for the theme for this week - Cosmic. 
It's silly in a way - it's a jacket - but I was about to cut parts off - 1st the lower band - my hand was shaking as I started cutting my friend apart.  Now,  you have to understand, I live in an area that you just don't see altered couture, at least I haven't,  and I really don't wear lace - & I'm not sure how well this is going to work on me.  I'm not 25, or 28, add a few decades to that last number.  I'm not saying how many decades. lo

Then I cut 2, 3" wide strips of a black and white pin stripe suit material and pleated it, added some lace   ( I had 2" left over, whew!) and sewed it on the bottom of the jacket.

Fortunately I have a very large piece of lacy material that I cut a piece out of to bead - it will go across the top of the jacket.
Beading this has been a very tedious process, my eyes just don't quite work the same as they used to.   I recently had surgery on my right eye - and the near distance is different than my left eye, and as it turns out, I don't perceive colors correctly with my left eye, so in order to get the true color of something, I have to close my left eye! I wanted a little bit of color in the details, but not something real bright like bright reds or golds, the green beads are two different greens - that yes, were done on purpose. 

As of right now, this is what I have. After I finish beading the lace & sewing it on the jacket,  I'll cut the cuffs off next - I'll use the same pin strip material to make new cuffs, but with  different lace.   I haven't decided what to do with the collar yet, but it too will go - it's very frayed.
I haven't quite figured out how to do the front of the jacket - down the very front part where the button holes are - it's also very frayed.  It's definitely a work in progress.
I will continue to post pics of it as I go.


Marie Antionette said...

Hello girlfriend!!!
So happy to hear from you.O've not been blogging much.I've also had a rough yr.But thats OK too.

I love jean jackets too. They look good and feel good.
I'm really glad your back.Missed you.
You take care Dear,
XXOO Marie Antionette

lisianblue said...

Hello Marie I'm so glad you stoipped by - I have thought of you often - I'm glad to be back too! I hope your year gets better - SOON!
Lots and lots of hugs!!

trusk4u said...

It's looking really good! That is NOT something you would see here, EVER! When we lived in Chicago, you'd see it everywhere. I'll bet you'd see them near you. Maybe you just haven't noticed.

lisianblue said...

Hi Teresa - Thanks! Yeah, I don't know maybe more in Santa Fe or people who frequent the university area more - I admit I don't get around much here - I did wear it the other day - with just the bottom done - hope to have the beading done soon - and will put it on.
I imagine Chicago and New York have more altered Couture - maybe Ca.