Sunday, May 29, 2011

HAF Featured Artist Gemlover

It is my pleasure to introduce you to John, creator of Gemlover. on ArtFire.
Johns states that he has a passion for rocks and rockhounding since was a small child.  After majoring in geology in college, he has been a Graduate Geologist for the past 40 years.

John's wife bought some gemstones and brought to him one day and asked what they were.  That started his journey into gemology, as well jewelry design & manufacture.  He became an Accredited Jewelry Professional in 2009, and is also a Jewelry Design and Repair Certificate.  John is also a retired paramedic and  resides in Easley, South Carolina.

It is easy to see that he not only loves what he does, he's very good at it.  I enjoy wearing matching stones, but not necessarily matching settings - and these are right up my alley - especially because these wonderful earrings are made with Lapis Lazuli - their blue!

I can see pairing those sweet earrings with this stunning Lapis Lazuli Pendant, I love the wrap design and that is one gorgeous stone he cut.

John certainly seems to know how to bring out the beauty of a rock,  or a gem.   This Snowfield Druzy Quartz Necklace is simply gorgeous.

I have loved quartz since I was a child, even dragging home a large quartz rock with me after my family went out Christmas tree hunting one year.   However, it was quite different than this lovely Honey Quartz Necklace, with it's unique sterling silver wire wrapping.  I love the emerald cut of this beautiful stone.

I highly recommend you pay a visit to John's shop, Gemlover on Artfire, or his blog Rasmussen Gems & Jewelry LLC where you can learn a little more about his work with these beautiful stones.   John also has a shop on the Handmade Artists Shop, as Rasmussen Gems and Jewelry LLC

Thank you for visiting and have a great day.


iKnitQuiltSew said...

I love the Druzy stone, too! Nice post!

trusk4u said...

I adore his Lapis pieces! The blue is so vibrant and he knows exactly how to treat them with his wirework!

TamsJewelry said...

Love his pendants!

Rasmussen Gems and Jewelry LLC said...

I'm making more, but this time purple is the dominant color. Thank you for the comments.

lisianblue said...

oops I thought I had left comments the other day - guess not! Glad all of you stopped by - guess I got interrupted after leaving comments on your blogs - John - purple ones huh?? Dont really wear purple - once in a while.
& you're welcome, not hard to say nice things about really nice things!

lilmamad said...

He has very unique items! :) I love the brightness of lapis lazuli.

lisianblue said...

lilmamad - glad you stopped by! Just shows how often I check my blog for comments, right! I am making a calender with notes on it of things to do so I hopefully find these faster!

Simbelmynë said...

The earring wrap is really unique! Beautiful.