Friday, May 13, 2011

ArtFire Crazy Train Rider On Pens & Needles

I missed one (well, at least one) So today I'm doing the previous one - and today's tomorrow.
We have On Pens & Needles, with a variety of items, wood items, baby blankets, reusable bags............
This is so cute Red, White & Blue Cat Pendant

and I really like this idea - Reusable Sandwich and Snack bags - in a variety of prints, and lined with a rip stop nylon so you can just wipe them out - or if really messy toss them in a washing machine & air dry.   How easy is that!

Oops I said baby blankets, well yes there are some adorable baby blankets - but I love this embroidered onesie I Love Grandma

and oh the pen part comes in because there are some wonderful wood covered pens -  something  for those special grads!

So, go check out On Pens & Needles for a wonderful assortment of quality handmade items perfect for the new baby, grads, you, birthdays, or just because!


trusk4u said...

The reusable bags are great! I have some for sale at my Hollyhocks store for microwaving potatoes,corn, etc and they are super! Love them!

lisianblue said...

Hi Teresa; Thanks for stopping by. I've never thought of putting potatoes etc in a bag to nuke it - interesting idea! I'll have to check out your bags too!!! :)