Friday, May 20, 2011

ArtFire Crazy Train Rider Baublezptoa

I apologize to anyone I've missed on the crazy train - but I have decided to not try  to catch up - I just get further behind that way - so I am going to do the studio for the day.
Yesterday & today's ArtFire CrazyTrain Rider is Baublezptoa who does some pretty cool things with precious metal clay.
REally like this Large Oval Cat Paw Print Pendant

although not made out of cool metal clay I really like these Fancy Variscite Dangle Earrings

Really really like this Mandala Medallion Silver & Brass

I love to play with clay - but most things I make look more like a 5 year old made them.  So, I truly admire anyone who can make something so cool as these pendants.  Baublezptoa has quite a variety of jewelry items, I highly recommend checking out these wonderful creations for you or a friend.

Have a wonderful day.

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