Sunday, July 27, 2008


I need to go to the store - but it's raining - well ok - I enjoy walking in a sprinkle - but it usually pours this time of day. It'll be over soon, and then I can walk to the store.
I was looking through a craft magazine the other day and there were these cool little ornaments made out of matchboxes. So, it got me to thinking about making some - but different - how to combine these wonderful glass paints and matchboxes!?
So, I tried gluing a few pieces of aluminum foil to a piece of cardboard and painted on them. Seems to work pretty good. How well the paint will stay on is another question. The only store close to me doesn't have match boxes, so maybe I'll make my own little box, and glue either aluminum foil on it or I also have some wrappers to a patch that have a foil type inner liner I may try that - already tried painting on it - nice effect.
I may be spending less time on the computer - I get sucked into the web - it's fun exploring different peoples blogs, taking trips around the world on flickr, and my space is well I'm not sure how to classify that one - interesting for sure.
So, I think I'll go create for a bit and then go to the store.


Paper Cat Designs said...

These are beautiful ornaments! They will make a magical edition to the tree! Thank you for your visits to me. They are greatly appreciated. :)

Cheers! =D

lisianblue said...

lololo oh Kellie - Thank you for always visiting my flickr page and leaving such wonderful comments.
You inspire me.