Wednesday, July 11, 2012

HandMadeArtists Featured Artist CrochetHooked

If you love those pretty sparkly crystals, you'll love  CrochetHooked! Cari, creator of Braidlets, which are beautiful crocheted wire bracelets also shares her expertise with a pdf pattern.

This exquisite Grace Pearl and Crystal Bracelet and Earring set are in her Wedding Jewelry & her Bracelet & Earring Set sections

This is pretty cool, this gorgeous Phantom Wire Crochet Bracelet is also adjustable!

Cari has been creating some very pretty crystal and pearl bracelets lately, and this beautiful Ocean Blue Swarovski Pearl & Crystal Crochet Bracelet really caught my eye!
(oh that would have matched my jeep!)

Besides these stunning bracelets, I think Cari's photography is pretty stunning too!  She seems to really know how to make those gorgeous creations pop!

I'm not a big jewelry nut, but even I like a little bling now and then!  Pay Cari a visit at Crochet Hooked, on HandmadeArtists her about me page Cari Baker, and her blog CrochetHooked and enjoy the sparkles!

Thanks so much for coming by and have sparkly day! :) sorry, just couldn't resist it!


Yankee Burrow Creations said...

such beautiful items.....

lisianblue Kris said...

Hi Debbi, I'm so glad you stopped by - you are so good about that, Thank you!

Debbie Rodgers said...

Really great post! You picked some beautiful items!

Cari Baker said...

WOW! Hey… That’s Me! LOL Thank you Kris! I received a Google Alert last night and to my surprise it brought me here… So sweet of you! Thank you

John Rasmussen said...

Great post for Braidlets and all the other great art there.

Cari Baker said...

Kris Dear! Thank you! Thanks for everything and all your support! I know a lot of people but I have very few friends. But I am proud to say you are my friend (and everyone at HAF) Thanks from my heart for sharing my work, which I love to make! ;o)

Dee Bibb said...

Great post Kris! You chose some really beautiful Braidlets to showcase for Cari...although all of her work is is so difficult for me to choose one piece and say it is my favorite!

Debbie Rodgers said...

Nice post! I love Caris work!

lisianblue Kris said...

Debbie, Thank You! It's not hard to pick something beautiful from CrochetHooked, they are all beautiful!!
Cari, Yes it is! lo
John, thank you!
Cari! You're welcome sweety! I'm pretty glad we are friends too!
Dee, Thank you! Not hard to pick something beautiful from ChrochetHooked, all of her creations are! IMO!
Debbie, nice to see you again!

I really do appreciate all of you coming by and leaving a comment - sorry for the delay in responding!

Taylor said...

lovely jewelry! such a good little blog here. it's fun to "window shop!"

Nancy Pace said...

Very nice post Kris! I think the wedding set is a stunner!

Sara Duggan said...

Cari's heart is as beautiful as her braidlets. She just did a great tutorial on how to make an page which made me update my page. I love the braidlet she chose for the background of her page - it shows the brilliance of her work.

Still looking at the eBook - but not sure I'd be able to handle the tiny beads.

lisianblue Kris said...

Taylor, so glad you stopped by!
Nancy - I think so too - and it would look great with so many other outfits too!
Sara - glad you came by - I think so too! Need to get an About me page set up still!
Glad all of you came by - sorry for the delay!