Sunday, June 3, 2012

Handmade Artists Featured Artist YankeeBurrowCreations

Debbi and her daughter Amanda are the creators behind YankeeBurrowCreations on Handmade Artist's Shop.  Debbi states she is having the time of her life creating, spending time with her hubby, children and grandson. She is also a great contributor at the Handmade Artist's Forum ( and frequently leaves comments on my blog :) )  Amanda has a background in fine art, and a Masters in graphic design.

Something about summer and June weddings calls attention to these very lovely creations for the special occasion such as this Quilled Picture Border frame for displaying your wedding invitation. I think it would also be a nice frame for a special anniversary picture, or a wedding picture.

This lovely Crochet Ring Bearer Pillow would add an extra special touch for your special day

and when the big event is all over you can send some keepsake items to them to lovingly arrange in a Bridal Shadow Box

Make your special day a little extra special with some lovingly handmade creations by this mother - daughter team of YankeeBurrowCreations

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Dee Bibb said...

Beautiful post about Debbi & Amanda!!! I really like the items you chose to showcase in your feature!

Larissa said...

Three years after my own wedding, and I still love wedding stuff! Hers is beautiful.

Cari Baker said...

Excellent article Kris. Terrific handmade wedding gifts!

Yankee Burrow Creations said...

thank you for the lovely feature. I'm blushing!

lisianblue Kris said...

Hi Dee, Thank You!
Larissa, just 3 years? It's been many years since my last one - still wedding stuff!
Cari, Thank You
Debbi - You're welcome, nope, no blushing allowed! :)
Thank you ladies for coming by!