Thursday, February 23, 2012

ArtFire Crazytrain rider Jills Treasure Chest

1st, my apologies to the riders that I missed -  I decided to not  try to catch up - it just gets me further behind - so I will start back with the current rider Jills TreasureChest
I didn't have a hard time  picking out 3 items to feature - and they all match - and mmm I'm thnking I really wouldn't mind having these at all.
Ceramic Creamer with Hand painted Bluebonnets
(yes, of couse it's something with blue!)

and to go with it This sweet Ceramic Mug with Handpainted Bluebonnets

and I'm always burning candles, so this Ceramic Bluebonnet Votive Holder would be cool to have.

Not going to say a thing about Texas, but those bluebonnets are pretty cool!

and of course I can't forget the littlesister/littlebrother tag alongs
HauntedWillow with an eclectic assortment of items: soaps, wax melts, and some cool primitive creations
like these sweet Primitive Ticking Christmas Ornaments

don't feel like going out to find that wonderful piece of fabric? well then visit Fabrics I love (don't you just love shopping in your jammies!) I think this Amy Butler Lark Treasure Box in Ocean has to be one of my favs  seems as though I will have to get the pic later -  something is hanging it up!

and AM Designs by Angela with some lovely handcrafted jewlery - These Handcrafted Artisan Silver Gold-filled Paisly Wire Woven Earrings are so cool!
I think it would be so fun to wear a pair of earrings and have someone ask where you got them - and you can tell them where, but add in, they are one of kind!   Be unique!

After all, isn't that one of the coolest things about buying handmade from very talented artisans - you get unique one of a kind creations.

Thanks so much for dropping by, do leave a comment - I promise, I'll respond - eventually!

(not doing real great right now!)

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