Saturday, February 11, 2012

Art Fire Crazy Train Rider Blue Morning Expressions

Oh the talent on ArtFire is so awesome.  I really admire someone who can take a lump of clay  and turn it into something unique and beautiful.  And, what lovely creations in Blue Morning Expressions shop.  I have tried - a number of times - to make some canes - they all turn out looking like a lump of clay being smushed into another lump of clay but, these wonderful canes are so nice and detailed, clean, and oh what fun those sweet red hearts are.
Raw Polymer Clay Red Heart White Flower Millefiori Cane for beads

If you've been visiting my blog for even a little while, you probably know I have a thing for rabbits, and these Bunny Earrings are so adorable,  oooh I just want to pinch those chubby little cheeks!♥♥♥

Wow - these almost look good enough to eat, they sort of remind me of candy canes. I love the colors in these beads, I love that the colors are all separate from each other.  These awesome Polymer Clay Tube Beads would make some great earrings, a matching necklace and oh heck we might as well do a bracelet too, right!

Ready for summer???  Not only does Blue Morning Expressions have raw canes, and beads for your own creations, there are also some fantastic already made jewelry pieces......................such as this gorgeous Red Blue Flower Iridescent Pearl Disk Polymer Clay Bracelet.  What wonderful colors, and you could wear this with so many different colors.  It kind of reminds me of a tropical garden.

Great shiny baubles to wear!

Oh the joys of handmade, wonderful unique creations, and  great prices too. Oh yeah, did I mention there is a 25% off sale going on?? no, well, there is!!!!♥♥♥
Support handmade and check out these beauties in Blue Morning Expressions Shop Boutique ( really is more like a boutique)
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Marie Antionette said...

Happy Valentine's Day Hon,
Such beautiful work and that candy does look good enough to eat...LOL
XXOO Marie Antionette

Ahri said...

Love the rabbit earrings so much! <3

lisianblue said...

Hi ladies, thanks for visiting!

My dear Marie - So glad you stopped by!!!!!!