Friday, February 24, 2012

For Jan

About a year ago, the members of HAF lost a truly wonderful person and artisan, Janelle.  Another member Trusk4u has graciously been selling some of Jan's jewelry from her store and also set up a shop Janelle5 on the Handmade Artist Shop.  All the money from the sales goes to her estate - I bought one of the ebony teardrop pendants last year, it is the finest finished piece of artistic wood, Jan truly did exquiste work with some beautiful exotic wood.
I really wish I had a few extra dollars so I could buy anything that is left in the shop - just to own something else that this very wonderful woman made.  Everything that is left is on sale for 50% off - a great opportunity to own a very unique and beautiful piece of exotic wood jewelry.
I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

Cocobolo Donut Necklace

Bloodwood Bead Chainmaille Bracelet

Pink IvoryWood Pendant

There is one other bracelet and several more of the donut pendants - Don't let this opportunity to own a truly beautiful piece of jewelry and to help out Jan's family pass you by.
Thank you so much for stopping by and have a beautiful day.
We miss you Jan♥

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