Saturday, February 13, 2010


I'm so far behind on many things, so I'm going to play catch up a little anyway. I got back home from Colorado Jan17th,  by the end of the week I had a backed up bathtub.  Doesn't sound like a big deal, but it turned into a major thing!  Briefly, I ended up with 2 maintenance guys coming over one day, the next day I had 2 plumbers here for about 6 hours resulting in a hole in the wall, along with a major mess in the bathroom from one of the maintenance guys plunging the drain with the overflow cover off.   Not a pretty fountain at all!  I also have a large former headboard in the hall where the hole got cut, so that was sitting in my living room for over a week by the time the maintenance guy came over and patched & painted the wall.  Then I had a rather mismatched wall, so I painted all the hallway walls & 2 doors, cleaned my carpet, cleaned out the headboard/cabinet & put it back.   Did I mention that I had dirty water sprayed all over the bathroom?  yeah, ick.  Big big mess. 
I've been trying to get things made for my dear little granddaughter that needed to go up with a friend yesterday.  More on that later.
I really like being a member of the HAF Etsy Team - it's  a pretty active & supportive team.   Here's a few of our members:
TollyKit makes some pretty cool creations with chainmaille and even has a new little felted creature.   This is Emerald Fire who is a forest dragon and protects the forest and all the creatures there! 

This is Helm, a chainmaille and wirework dragon.  Pretty cool dragons aren't they?

Another chainmaille artisan is Tora Jewelry who created this fantastic Spiral Crystal Drop Chainmaille Necklace - what an amazing necklace!

Check out this awesome Dragonscale bracelet - chainmaille just amazes me - and both of these artisans do some excellent chainmaille.

On the softer side of chains we have Trendy Craft Creations who makes some pretty cool creations with essentially chains of yarn!  These Oreo Style Chocolate Sandwich Cookies are just too cute! 

This yarn artist makes some really neat play food along with some other little goodies, but speaking of goodies, check out these yummy looking Amigurumi Crocheted Strawberries!  She makes cupcakes too!

Back to the jewelry dept, we have T.Rusk4u who not only makes some really pretty beaded jewelry, she does some pretty wire wrapped pieces too, such as this Wire Wrapped Marble love that color! Pretty aqua marble and wire!

OOOO this pretty Sea Mist Glass & Pearls Bracelet is on sale!

One of our local stations was showing some items people might want to get for their sweethearts for Valentines Day, and I thought, you know it's really too bad that more people don't know more about Etsy or other venues that sell handmade items.   I know I would much rather have something that is probably very unique  made by an individual artisan than something that was mass produced and a thousand or a million other people will be getting also.  Wouldn't you?
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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