Monday, January 26, 2009

It's a beautiful day!

It is a really nice day out today - I sort of want to go out and about, but - instead I'm staying put and am working on cleaning and organizing!
Which I have been doing quite a bit of since my last post - #1 is getting done.
#2 - 7 - well, not so much.
Although, I have been working on some new ornaments the past few nights - ornaments? They are actually Valentine Ornaments - I'm not sure that they are actually going to go up for sale this year.
I've also been working on my "shawl" - in fact it's really close to being done. I couldn't work on it for a few days because I had run out of yarn, and had to go get more. I almost cried when I got to the store and didn't find any in the color I've been working with - but, as I was standing there, I looked up and there in a box was one skein in the color I need! I think the one skein will finish it up, and if it doesn't, and if I can't find more, I can rip out the scarf I made with this yarn!
I have been getting some serious re-organizing and cleaning out done! A few things have gone in the trash - but, I try to recycle as much as I can in various ways - but trying to recycle some of it out of my abode!
Rest of Christmas decorations finally came down yesterday - on the 25th of January - seemed fitting to take the rest down on the 25th. lo
Nonnie Bear is actually ready for Valentines Day - I forgot to take pictures last night - hopefully tonight I will remember to take pictures.

And speaking of pictures - these are a couple I was playing around with yesterday.
Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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