Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy New Year

OK - yeah I know it's a bit late - what can I say!

It all happened because I cleaned up some of the files on my computer, and in doing so I deleted the original link to my blog - which meant I then had to create a google account to get to my blog - not a difficult thing, just something that sort of got put on the back burner so to speak!


Christmas decorations are still up outside - most of the inside decorations are put away - and I just put away the Halloween decorations!
I did take them down some time ago, but due to a variety of things they just sort of got piled up on top of their box and not put away. So, I sat for about 3 hours Monday afternoon, pulling little pumpkins off of over 100 lights, and big pumpkins off of about 24 lights, after detangling all of them. Then I had to detangle the spiders from the skeletons, and the shredded cheese cloth...............................................along with about 5 other strings of lights, along with my new Halloween tree - it's like a Christmas tree, except it's black with orange lights and sits in a skull with green lights in the eyes - it's pretty cool. Then I added some little lights that were actually necklaces, pumpkins and ghosts. I put some rings and other little things on the tree and had the kids choose something off the tree along with their bag of treats. Yes, I do get into Halloween!
lolololo one year, I took all the clear lights out of my white wire tree and put in orange and purple lights and tried making everything sort of like a "Nightmare Before Christmas" sort of theme.

Christmas - was quiet - well sort of.
Spent most of the day with my relatively new friend Janet and her family and a couple of friends, that I met through My Space in 2008. Day after, I went to lunch with my son and my new daughter-in-law, after we opened a few presents at my apt.
It seemed very strange and sort of not like Christmas. For the 1st time, my daughter and my grandson weren't here. Putting up the decorations outside was almost a diversion, and I didn't put up even half of what I normally do. Inside, about all I did was put up a small tree on Christmas eve. or maybe the day before Christmas eve.
Funny though, once I got the the little tree up, I didn't want to take it down.
I still have some of the decorations up outside - haven't been turning the lights on since the 5th - they're still just out there!

Resolutions - no
although I do have some definite goals.
1. To get rid of some things, and get everything more organized. it seems as though since I started selling things on etsy, my apt has become very disorganized. Although, my "work" area is very organized.
Books - and a few supplies have to have new homes!
2. to set up a schedule for blogging, and visiting others, including flickr
3. to finish up my grandsons quilt.
4. to finish up categorizing some old family photos, and sending copies to my brother and sister.
5. MOVE - to an apt complex that has 2 indoor swimming pools that they keep at a nice warm 92 degrees - well they used to - hopefully they still do.
6. Find a paint that I can paint with that won't make me sick. Acrylics just aren't my favorite paints, watercolors don't always do quite what I want - although I love them and do play around with them from time to time. I did buy some water based oils the other day - still haven't tried them. I also found some recipes for paint - most use linseed oil - and of course pigments and then a variety of other options - so I want to play around with some of those. And then I may just have to adjust my style to fit the paint to a certain degree.
7. Draw.
8. Write shorter blogs!

So, with that I will stop and wish everyone a wonderful 2009.


Marie Antionette said...

I know what you mean.Just pulled down my village and put it away.Happy New year to you also Hon!I have no plans for the year.Just take one day at a time.I'm glad you had a nice quiet Christmas.I like them that way.I wish you well Kris.May Your new days give you peace.Hugs Marie Antionette

lisianblue said...

Hi Marie Antionette!

Thanks for visiting - it's always nice to have visitors, especially when they are as nice as you!