Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I had great plans for today! Really need to get some organizing done. But, I have had some scarves, and ornaments ready for pictures for a while now and decided to do that first!

First - became the only thing.

Took about 100 pictures, downloaded them. Went through all the pictures and resized, tweaked the colors and exposure on some and got 4 listings done. About 7 hours worth of work. A few breaks here and there - had to hang out on the floor a few times to ease the back, walk around a few times, and check the mail.

It would be so nice if these things would just appear in my shop without having to do all this!
I don't even really figure this time into the cost of my items - probably should - but how? And I know I do things a little slowly - so I sort of have to take that into account too. It's just part of the whole thing......I just shouldn't push myself to do it all on the same day though! Tomorrow, I may be hanging out on the couch all day!
Anybody have a magic wand?????

Am now going to go hang out on the couch - with the heating pad!


Aunt Jane said...

Wow- you sound like me. I over-do it when I have a little energy and then have hell to pay later. Have a good recovery, ok? Sometimes I spend 2 days in bed.

lisianblue said...

Oh dear Aunt Jane, I do know that scenerio! (hell to pay)

Since I was sitting most of the time, it wasn't too bad -
But, my walking to the store twice on Wed, was realllllllly too much!

My back is still feeling the effects of photo day tho!

Take care my friend!

Paper Cat Designs said...

Actually I do have a magic wand. I'll post it later. =D

Thank you for your visit to the Artful Paper Doll. I am so pleased you would like to be part of my Artful Elite Panel. I have made a selection for the December feature so I'll open up the nominations for January and you can post your picks there. Yaaaay! This should be great fun and thank you for the compliment on the idea!

Also, feel free to pick up the code for your button any time.

Paper Cat Designs said...

Forgot to leave my closing signature!

Hugs! =D

Janeen said...

Hello sweetheart,Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving.I know I did.I just wanted to let you know that I'm working on those Xmas cd's.Hugs Marie Antionette