Tuesday, November 18, 2008


And real quick before I head off to sleep.

For those of us who are sensitive to scents and other chemicals, this is a great fabric softener.
I can't remember how much a gallon of vinegar is, but I tend to think that this is also a lot cheaper than buying regular fabric softener.

1 cup baking soda
6 cups white vinegar
8 cups water

1 gallon container.

Put the soda in the container, add 1 - 2 cups water, swish this around a bit. ( You might even let it sit for a bit and let the soda disolve. )
SLOWLY add the vinegar. It will fizz up - so don't add it too fast.
Add the rest of the water - also somewhat slowly.

Be sure to poke a small hole in the cap. Gently swish it around a bit before adding 1 cup to the rinse water of your wash.

I like to use the fabric softener balls that you can put the stuff in - but a whole cup is too much for them. I use about 3/4 cup and it works great. Depending on your water, you may be able to use less.
I've had great results with this so far, and no static cling on anything yet. Our water is pretty hard, and it's pretty dry here.

you can add a scent to it - use 8 - 10 drops of essential oil of your choice.

Enjoy and have a wonderful day!


Aunt Jane said...

What a great great way to make fabric sonftener! Thanks!

lisianblue said...

It's cheap, it works, and it doesn't have a bunch of chemicals in it! What more could you ask for!

A maid I suppose!!
Right now, I could use a bull dozer!