Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Too Much Time on the Computer

And I don't especially like blogspot.

I just wrote a blog - uploaded a couple of photos - ended up with 2 of the same picture and tried and tried to figure out how to delete just one and ended up deleting the whole blasted post.

People on Etsy say to do blogs - so I'm doing blogs - but it seems like I'm spending a lot of time on the computer and then when the site isn't quite as intuitive as others, it makes it harder to do this. I'd much rather be creating something!

I don't mind doing blogs - blogs are cool - but when you have something finished and ready to go and then end up deleting the whole thing when you were just trying to delete one picture, it's a little frustrating!

I really like etsy and it's giving me something to focus on - instead of the crap going on - but at the same time, I can't afford to keep putting new items or relist on there if things aren't selling.

Some of my prices, may be a little higher than others - but most of mine are really handmade - they aren't printed out enmass and cut with a die cutter! And then there's the lady that sells her cards for 1.00 and charges .85 for shipping. Or the one that sells all her cards for 2.50 but charges 2.00 - 2.50 to mail. And mine are much nicer anyway!

Gosh - didn't mean for this to turn into a complaining thing - it's just kind of frustrating. I was checking out the Time Machine on etsy - which is really cool - there are A LOT of suppliers on etsy - beads - want some beads - check out etsy. Beading supplies - check out etsy. What sells - beads and beading supplies. Some other things - but the vast majority is beads. Some jewerly, a few purses/bags, some crocheted baby items, a few cards and mass produced tags, and a small variety of other things - but what really seems to sell the most is bead supplies. Now, there is some original art work on there - I don't see a lot of it selling - it does - but it was certainly not the big seller.

So, just how many blogs can I keep up with? and still create things!

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