Monday, November 30, 2009

Crazy Train Rider Bohemian Rose

Happy Cyber Monday everyone.

It's sort of gray and cloudy here in our usual sunny Albuquerque,  and chilly.   Makes it even better for a Cyber Monday - just stay in and go shopping on line!!
Anyway - todays ArtFire Crazy Train rider is Bohemian Rose who makes soaps, lip balms, scrubs, and cuticle balms (what a great idea for these cold winter months)

I just like the sound of this one: Ginger Milk Soap
with a blend of fresh ginger, nutmeg and coriander -- oh wait that sounds almost good enough to eat!!

She also has the awesome sounding Facial Scrubbing Mask
you can use it as a scrub or a mask!! Double Duty in one product!!!

Another great looking item for these cold winter months is this Vanilla Mint Lip Balm, which is vegan, and it looks like most of the soaps may also be vegan.  (I'm guesing on this one, so don't absolutely take my word for it ok) There are other flavors too if you don't like Vanilla Mint.

And through today only, she's giving a free gift with each purchase!  One of the really awesome things about handmade soap, is often the ingredients are geared towards a certain effect, either in an aromatherapy type, or for special skin conditions, but the one thing that usually holds true for handmade soap, they are usually less drying than most soaps you can get in the stores.  And they are usually really pretty.  I highly recommend you check out Bohemian Rose and happy Cyber Monday shopping.

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