Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ArtFire Crazy Train Rider Dichroic Dazzle

It's a busy time of year - and I was just thinking this morning that another great reason to buy handmade - most people sell online and you don't have to wade through 1000's of people at the mall and stores!  And many artisans are having sales this time of year such as Dichroic Dazzle of ArtFire.   And, talk about variety, this lady has variety!  Such as this awesome Viteous Enamel Sgraffito Leaf Pendant and earrings,


hair accessories, and much more.   AND, she's having a sale - you need a coupon code so be sure to get that its on the bottom right of her front page of her shop. 
So, if you really want to wade through 1000's of people go for it - it you want to buy the same thing 1000's of other people are - go for it - BUT, if  you want something unique, something that 1000's of other's aren't going to have, and you can get it mailed right to you, then visit this artisan's studio and if you don't find something there, go visit the rest of ArtFire - lots of Artisans are having sales, and even if they aren't, many have such great deals anyway it's well worth the "trip"!
Have a wondeful Thanksgiving and a great day today!

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