Friday, August 28, 2009

The ArtFire Crazy Train Continues

"It's A Jewelry Thing" on ArtFire really has some pretty cool jewelry - and I'm sitting here drooling over this one for sure - love this round piece of Ming Dynasty pottery shard wrapped all nice and pretty dangling below those pretty rasberry pearls and the Hill Tribe silver tube! It's sort of funny, I don't wear much red - but for some reason I'm definitely drawn to red jewelry, I think it must have something to do with garnet being my birthstone!
And these little seashell earrings are pretty cool, and what a sweet idea dangling a light pink pearl below them! OOOH those would look great with the sea shell I wrapped a while back, I never did list it or even show it too many people, I haven't decided yet if I want to make any changes to it - and why am I mentioning it here??? Because, I just want to make sure that people understand that I made my little seashell pendant almost a month ago and didn't copy it from "It's a Jewelry Thing" I'll have to post a picture of it soon! But these earrings are really cool - I love how the pink pearls bring out the pink in the shells. Be sure to visit "It's A Jewelry Thing" there's a sale going on until Sept. 21!

Studio JRU is all about mixed media art inspired by this artisan's faith. If you are looking for something that is inspired by faith, this is the studio to go to with some interesting mixed media art.

I kind of like this Just Imagine plaque - and interesting enough I made a digital collage picture of a hummingbird flying over the moon not too long ago and titled it "Just Imagine" - I think our imaginations are great things when allowed to grow and used to create beauty - so, if you are looking for some inspirational art, go check out Studio JRU

And last but certainly not least, we have Soy Scentual , who makes some of the most delicious looking soy candles, and melts. I really appreciate the fact that this person has posted on the intro to her studio about contacting her 1st if you want to order several items so she can ship everything in the most economical way possible!!! I really appreciate it when people do things like that, and don't start adding up all the shipping charges for each item!
I'm not sure why I grabbed these pictures, as there are some lovely looking citrus slices and some sweet little heart melts as well as one of many people's favorite, cucumber!

One of the great things about soy candles, is they burn so cleanly and after the candle has burned to end in a container, it's so easy to clean out the container. I keep getting distracted by that pretty turqouise candle right above this - and doesn't it look pretty along with that purple? Great color combo there - purple and turquoise - or aqua!

And finishing up with some love with this heart shaped candle - wow - Soy Scentual
has over 200 scents!!!! So many choices.........................mmmm let's see which one .........................
or 2 - or well let's see.........................................................................

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