Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Favorite Holiday

Next to Christmas anyway! Halloween!
And this year, I'm making Halloween cards that are for sale in my etsy shop.

I have always loved Halloween. Maybe it was partly the dressing up, the masquerade. Partly the candy. And definitely about the pinon nuts! An older (?) man lived down the street that would go gather pinon nuts every year, and that's what he gave out at Halloween. He'd roast them, put a handful in a square of aluminum foil and they were better than any candy as far as I was concerned.

I think I really enjoyed dressing up too - although I don't really remember any of my costumes! Except one. I don't remember exactly - but I think I wore one of my dads shirts - so of course it was way too big for me, a pair of leotards, some tennis shoes, some beads of my mothers, and a grey felt tam - I was a beatnik. That's the only costume I remember.

It's possible that I enjoyed it even more when I had my 2 kids to take out trick-or-treating. And for us that was quite an excursion because we lived about 25 miles out of town. Then after a few years we lived a little over 30 miles out of town. We tried different neighborhoods a few times. One year we went to an area that is right on the edge of town - a rather well to do neighborhood. It was one of most disappointing years we had! The houses were far apart - and they actually gave out pretty cheap lousy candy. One year we did the mall thing. That was enough - we never did that again. But, what seemed to be the best place - the neighborhood where I grew up and of course my dad and my step mom enjoyed seeing the kids dressed up! Of course the man that had given out pinon nuts had moved away long ago. The family that lived there while I was growing up were still there - they gave out full size candy bars! One year, my daughter was sick and unable to go - so my son and I went, and I trick-or-treated for her. She got a lot of candy that year! So did I!
To be continued...........

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