Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Favorite Holiday Part 2

Another one of my cards that I made - available at http://lisianblue.etsy.com

When my kids were little, I made their costumes. One year, I made a snowwhite dress for my daughter - and my son - was a space alien of sorts. One of my favorite costumes I came up with. I took one of his one piece pajamas - oh I think he was maybe 2 or 3, and added a felt collar, and sewed different colors of yarn to a strip of bias tape, then put that down the sleeves. Took a headband and wrapped a couple of pipe-cleaners around it - with the majority of them sticking up and added a styrofoam ball to each that had glitter glued all over them. then some little black boots. A little bit of makeup - It was all cheap and fun to put together! He looked so cute!

So what is it about Halloween that makes it so fun. The candy - well yeah that's part of it. Dressing up and getting to be someone - something we aren't - that was definitely part of it. Part of it is a link back my ancestors - although certainly changed - and usually not acknowledged - that's where it started. Back in the pagan days, no not satanic, no not evil, just different. It's fun going from house to house to get treats -

It's not fun walking around a mall and getting cheap candy that is the same from store to store. It's fun to see what your friends are dressed up as. I kind of remember a few times doing a parade sort of thing in elementary school - everyone took turns going from class to class - just a a parade sort of thing to check out everyones costumes.

I still enjoy dressing up. And I really enjoy decorating outside around my apartment. I love the comments as the kids come by. Last year, I sat outside for a while. I think some of the kids thought I was a fake witch - they would walk right past me and knock on the door. That was fun.

Maybe I'll try to start decorating soon. The people next door to me already have a few things out. I'm not sure I'll get a lot of decorating done this year - just not much energy.


Marie Antionette said...

When you get started,you will enjoy it,I can tell how much you loveHalloween.It always makes us grown ups feel like kids again.Ah! the memory of it.Like you said,the dressing up.So much fun.So get going and start decorating so I can see what you dod.Hugs Marie Antionette

lisianblue said...

You are right Marie - once I get started I really get into it! I did a little the other day. Had to rest up a bit yesterday - hopefully can get out and do some today! I think I almost love Halloween more than Christmas!

Hugs back Marie Antionette!