Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Harmony is not only a pleasing arrangement of parts to one another, but also an agreement
in action, feeling, sentiment or the like. Harmony is about agreement, accordance, unison, melody concordance.  We most often think of harmony in terms of music, but harmony also comes into play in any art form.
When I look at Andrew & Kimberly's work, I see harmony.
Where does harmony come from?  I think it can come from many "places", but I believe it primarily comes from love.
Love for what you are doing, or creating.  Andrew & Kimberly are creating so much more than their jewelry, painted glass and other art.
This harmony is also a major component of Handmade Artists Forum & Shop.  I believe it may  come from their love of each other, the love of handmade and a shared commitment.

Besides her work outside the home, taking care of 3 "boys",  co-running HAF & HAS as well running On Fire For Handmade, Kimberly creates some beautiful sea glass pendants, as well as some awesome altered art using books you can find in her Handmade Artists Shop, Makin The Best of It
Love this Sterling Leaves Sea Glass Necklace

  And of course this awesome Cobalt Blue Message Pendant

Kimberly also creates some wonderful hand painted glass that you can find at MakinTheBestOfIt

Besides holding down a full time job and co-running HAF &HAS, Andrew does some pretty special chainmaille jewelry by "twisting rings" that you will find at Chainmaille By MBOI.  Not only does he put all those little rings together, he creates most of them, if not all of them!
One of my absolute favorites is this Sterling Silver Roundmaille Bracelet

Chainmaille, sort of boggles my brain, but this Copper Elfsheet Chainmaille Bracelet really does!

This Stainless Steel Persian Unisex Necklace is just totally awesome!
You can also find these awesome chainmaille creations at Chainmaille By MBOI
If you look at handmade creations in a different light, you will see the harmony, especially when it's a creation by either one of these two very special people.
You can also find them on Facebook


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myeuropeantouch said...

Love those two and their art work, great job, Kris

Teresa Ivey said...

Love the hand painted glass. They are both talented.

Larissa said...

They really are just so special.

Teresa Ivey said...

Great feature. I love the hand painted glass. Andrews work just amazes me.

lisianblue Kris said...

Hi Monika, me too!
Teresa, they are in many ways!
Larissa, they are the best!
Hi Teresa, I love Kimberly's hand painted glass, and yes, Andrew's chainmaille amazes me too!
I so appreciate all of you coming by and leaving a message!

Debbie Rodgers said...

Wonderful blog post Kris!