Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Wonderful Gift From a Very Nice Lady

About Halloween time, I made a few Highlights, and of course sent little notes to everyone that I included.  I received a short note back from Judy, creator of JuniqueGoods.  We exchanged a few messages with each other, and in one of those she offered me  a few sets of double pointed knitting needles.  These high quality needles had belonged to her mother-in-law who used them quite a bit especially for sweater sleeves.   Judy said she had also used them but no longer knitted,  so I said, Yes, I'd love to have them!  Honestly I was expecting a "few" sets.  I really felt very honored that this very sweet woman was giving me some nice double pointed knitting needles.  Within about a  week, I received a manila envelope in the mail,  and couldn't wait to get back to my apartment to see what was inside!

As I opened the package, I thought, this is a "few" sets!
Each set of 5 double pointed needles had several rubber bands around them along with a small piece of paper with the size.
Enclosed were size 3

and sizes 4 &5

and 6 & 7

and also 8 & 9

along with size 10!

A bit more than a "few"!!!  Oh, the picture of sizes 8 & 9,  there are only 4 of the size 9 in the picture, because I had to try these lovely needles out, so one of them was occupied with  the beginnings of a scarf!

These sweet light weight double pointed needles are made out of birch wood  by Brittany..  They also make regular knitting needles as well as crochet hooks. I asked Judy if her mother-in-law or she had used them, as they didn't look like they had been used at all!  She assured me that both she and her mother-in-law had used them.

I'm not sure what I did to deserve such a sweet gift, but, I am delighted to have these!  Judy, thank you so very much!
Judy, at the age of 75 opened her online shop, selling some very cool creations.  She  is happily married and living in Monroe, NC.  Judy is also the mother of 2 and the grandmother of 5.  She says that working with  beads, wire, ribbon, fabric, and wood provides some much needed relaxation  after a day of working with children in their Home Child Care Facility.  Now, normally I wouldn't share what a women's age is, but I think it's wonderful that she took this on at the age of 75, along with taking care of children.
I'd like to share of few of Judy's creations in her JuniqueGoods shop on HandMadeArtists Shop

One of my favorites, is this Christmas Spider

And I just love these Mini Stump Santas

Judy also has some very colorful  Handwoven Gods Eyes that are made by the kids!  This pretty brown, yellow and peach (?) one, is just one example of these nicely done creations.
You can find Judy's creations at JuniqueGoods on HandMadeArtists
and JuniqueGoods on ArtFire
You can also find her as JudyGriffith on Facebook.

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Anonymous said...

3OH MY WORD - thank you so much. I had no idea you would do anything like this lovely blog. It is always a pleasure to know people can use things I no longer use but this goes way beyond.....Thanks for all the lovely compliments and nice things you said about me and my site. THANKS, Judy

lisianblue Kris said...

Judy - Thank You! It's not every day someone gives a complete stranger a very nice set of knitting needles! I truly appreciate them and you!
glad you came by and left a comment too!