Monday, March 15, 2010


I finally made it back over to my space after not being there since last July.  I quit going there because everytime I was on there my computer would get attacked.
As it is, I managed to get on to some site the other day and it got attacked - and then it's just been sort of messed up and my sleep has been really messed up - the people that live above me walk really heavy and are waking me up A LOT. I don't think I have ever been so sleep deprived. Even when I had a 2 year old and an infant I got more sleep than I can get with these people above me. I would switch my sleep schedule around to match theirs, but I can't figure out what theirs is!

and then the guy will open the door step outside and spit!

look, I've had throw up on me, spit up, peed on, pooped on, but this spitting stuff just grosses me out!

Might have something to do with almost getting spit on as I'm just walking out from the overhang just as someone is spitting from the 2nd or 3rd floor, but they can't see me under the overhang -

So, I wrote them a nice note asking them to please try to walk softer through the living room, and of course today during the day - I desperately needed a nap in the afternoon - they walked just heavily as they possibly could.

and then the guy walked outside and spit! I also asked him to please stop spitting over the railing in my note.

I canceled a large order last week that I probably wouldn't have if I hadn't been so sleep deprived, and then this week with my messed up computer and being so damm sleep deprived, I missed a message from a buyer who was having problems with the payment going through and wants the package to be at her friends by WED for a birthday present. I reduced the price a little more - it was on sale already - and told them I would get it ready tonight so as soon as the payment went through on Monday if they still choose to get it, I would get it in the mail asap going priority.

After this sale, I think both my shops are going on vacation, and I am only going to sell items that I need to just get rid of - supplies that I can't use - because I have to move this coming summer, I cannot handle living under these people any longer - as it is I'm stuck here until Aug 1st!

Unless I can sell enough to get up enough money to get out of my lease early!!! I would do it too - that's how bad it is!
so I'm off to get this windchime all packed up and ready to go out - hoping the person who wanted to buy still will -
and seriously hoping the people above me will walk quietly tonight so I can get some sleep!!


Felicia Kramer said...

You have my total sympathy. I didn't have the spitting but in my last apartment the woman upstairs walked like an elephant and must have made 50 trips from kitchen to bedroom to bathroom in the morning. I finally was able to buy my own condo and it's a townhouse so there's NO ONE above me and cement walls between me and my neighbors. Heaven.

lisianblue said...

Hi Felicia - oh how nice!! I'm moving this summer, and this time I'm moving to the 3rd floor so I'll be on top of everyone!! Glad you stopped by! The cement walls do sound like heaven!! Congrats on the condo!

Anonymous said...
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Marie Antionette said...

I'm so sorry you have sorry neighbors.That is why my hubby and I live in the woods. We have no neighbors and if i want to go naked outside I can.Some people just don't know bounderies.
Cheer up Dear friend.They will get theirs in the end...LOL
XXOO Marie Antionette