Wednesday, June 25, 2014


One of the fun things about being a long time member of HandMade Artists Forum is watching some of the other artisans grow and branch out.  One such artisan is Larissa, creator of Reef Botanicals and Fabric Of My Mind.  Actually, it's a husband wife team, of Eric and Larissa who discovered a mutual love of making things from scratch.  Between the two of them, they cook, bake, brew, craft, paint, photograph, knit, sew,  create candles & skin care products. and oh, both of them hold down full time jobs. Whew! Oh wait, I forgot, Larissa's face painting and their recently added bee hives, which Larissa has lovingly painted with Winnie The Pooh characters!
Painting the bee hives has led to painting other things too, and Larissa plans to expand this into painting murals.
It all began with Reef Botanical'sShop with high quality all natural handcrafted soaps and other indulgences.
Such as this soothing and skin radiant Honey & Oatmeal Soap

They also create lip balms,  bath salts, scrubs,  other bath products as well as lovely candles.

Fabric of My Mind eventually evolved, with knitted scarves & hats, toys, as well as some sewn toys and creations.  Many of these creations are from Larissa's own patterns such as this fun Designer Knitted Green Dinosaur Scarf

Larissa also creates such classics as this beautiful Deep Blue Celtic Knot Hand Knitted Scarf

One of my favorites is her Flossie The Cow creations such as this one in Black & White.

These are all the places you can find Larissa &/or Eric.
Larissa does some awesome face painting too!  
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myeuropeantouch said...

Oh man, I forgot all about Flossie.....she is so cute....
Monika of Myeuropeantouch

Unknown said...

Love the blue scarf. The design is so pretty. Great feature.

Larissa said...

Thanks so much for such a great post that makes us look so good!

Unknown said...

Amazing that you found the time with all that is going on in your realm, but an amazing post. There is just always something new to learn and to say about this couple

Unknown said...

Love your feature. Great pics. She sure is talented

Unknown said...

Aw Monika, how could you forget about Flossie! :)
Hi Teresa, Yeah. I love it too! Thanks
Larissa, it wasn't hard to do!
Pam, Thank you. Larissa & Eric keep on evolving!
Teresa, Thank you!

So happy all of you stopped by and left a message!

Thunder Rose said...

Wonderful blog post for Larissa and Eric! What talent they have!

Unknown said...

wonderful wonderful!!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Debbie and Debbi, so glad you made it by and thanks for your very nice comments!